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Playing golf in Iceland

Playing golf in Iceland at GKG golf club is a day to remember. We offer a basic greenfee or a round of golf with extended services. We offer a round of golf with a club member, your golf buddy away from home. The most spectacular and most memorable moments of our foreign guests is playing midnight golf. If you choose to go play midnight golf you can of course get a golf buddy to tee off with.

Choose your experience at GKG golf in Iceland:

Round of golf

We enjoy having guests in our club experience what golf in Iceland has to offer. We proudly offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf — from beginners to the more experienced players. The GKG golf course is diversified with really challenging holes to more open holes where you have better changes of a good score. At GKG golf club you will find various levels of difficulty.

  • Round of golf
  • Golf buggy or electric trolleys
  • Rent golf clubs
  • Snack for the golf bag

Contact us to book your round of golf.

Golf buddy in Iceland

When in Iceland, why not play a round of golf with an Icelandic golf buddy at the GKG golf course Leirdalur. We offer all inclusive day or a simple round of golf to your likings. Why not enjoy golf and get to know the local residence.
You can make an unforgettable golf experience by combining midnight golf with your Icelandic golf buddy.
Contact us for more information and to book a golf buddy at our club.
Make your Iceland visit more authentic and extra memorable.

Midnight golf in Iceland

If you like the authentic experience, then you have to play midnight golf in Iceland. Why go to sleep when you can play golf? You can play golf in daylight 24 hours in June and July. Midnight golf in Iceland is a bucket list experience and will prove unforgettable. We offer all inclusive golf or simply midnight golf tee off.
At night you can feel the extreme presence of nature and the atmosphere is unique during the summer night.

Golf shuttle

We can arrange for pickup in the Reykjavík area and at Keflavik airport if you are on a stopover and fancy a game of golf while you wait for a connecting flight.

Contact us to book your round of golf.

We look forward to welcoming you to GKG golf for a pleasant golf experience in Iceland.